IV Sedation

Dental procedures can seem somewhat overwhelming and traumatic. We understand, and while our dentists are some of the best in the nation, it does nothing to negate that fact. If you are one of those patients who are white-knuckled about having a procedure done, you can take comfort knowing that we offer I.V. sedation dentistry. When administered an intravenous sedative, it induces you into a state of deep relaxation. While you do remain conscious, you may not have many clear memories of the procedure – including the normal sounds generally associated with a surgical procedure.

You are still administered local anesthetics, although you will probably not notice when this occurs. Your sense of time will be altered, therefore a procedure that might take hours to perform will seem to happen quite quickly. Remember, you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment.

We want you to feel comfortable throughout the duration of your dental care. We take pride in our excellent, gentle dentistry, and encourage you to look into I.V. sedation dentistry if you panic at the thought of oral surgery. We will take the time to discuss your concerns and how you are feeling.

At the time of your oral surgical procedure, our board-certified doctors will devise an individualized plan specific for your dental needs, which will consist of precaution measures prior to your appointment, the actual procedure, and the healing process.

Healthier Teeth. Happier You.